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Merpati Putih Australia

" To Seek and Find What’s Right, Doing It in Silence "

Merpati Putih History

Merpati Putih (MP) is an Indonesian traditional spiritual knowledge, inner-power development and martial arts school. Started around 1555's inside the Javanese Royal Kingdom, which was known as Mataram. For centuries, this knowledge has trickled through generations and restricted to family members only.

When Rd. Saring Purnomo Hadi (the 10th heir) inherited this art, he mandated his two sons, Purwoto Hadi Purnomo (often called Mas Pung) and Budi Santoso Hadi Purnomo (often called Mas Budi) to teach and develop this great heritage to the public. On the 12th April 1963, the MP Organisation was established in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

What is Merpati Putih

The core of MP is “Breathing”.

Breathing produces electricity and energy waves; Inner Power.

Inner Power is a media to understand in-depth about our-self and surrounding nature.

The philosophy: “To Seek and Find What’s Right, Doing It in Silence”.

The Master (guru) is Your-Self and the Book is the Nature itself.

The Merpati Putih Breathing Features

The knowledge of Inner-Power by Experiencing it.

Human Senses: extend student senses sensitivity.

Vibration Awareness: sensing surrounding objects and nature.

The Balance of “Body, Mind and Spirit”; the creation, visualisation and existence.

Merpati Putih Australia

Merpati Putih Australia Inc. registered in Victoria, August 2013 as a Non for Profit organisation. Merpati Putih Australia is the principal organisation for Australia, appointed by Grand Master, Poerwoto Hadi Poernomo (Mas Poeng), Mas Emir Indonesian Consule General Melbourne and the Heirs, Nehemia Budi Setyawan (Mas Hemi) from Merpati Putih Indonesia.

About Me

My name is Sjahrazad (Monchu) Alamsjah and I’m the President of Merpati Putih Australia Inc.

I was born in 1955. As a child, I was challenged by severe asthma, humidity, dust and many other allergens. As a result of limited research, medication and overall awareness, I was driven with motivation to overcome my asthma so I read Chinese Martial Arts books for hours before I slept. This extensive reading led me to become familiar with the ‘traditional martial arts world’ that led me start meditation. My interest led me to learn Indian Yoga, Shao Lin Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do.

In 1976 I joined Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Jakarta. We were the 3rd generation taught directly by Grand Masters (deceased), trained to be a trainer. In 1983, I received my 8th rank, named Nafas Khusus 2 (Specialty Breathing Level 2).

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