Australian Pencak Silat Federation

Australian Pencak Silat Federation (APSF)

" The Australian Pencak Silat Federation is the governing body of Pencak Silat in Australia. "

The Australian Pencak Silat Federation of Victoria presents:

· Event Name: The 10th National Pencak Silat Championship 2023

· Date: 11-12 November 2023

· Time: 09:00 – 16:00

· Venue: MSAC Arena, Melbourne Sports Centres, 30 Aughtie Dr, Albert Park VIC 3206,

· Purpose: Pencak Silat championships serve various purposes, ranging from promoting the martial art to fostering sportsmanship, cultural exchange, and competitive excellence. These events contribute to the development, preservation, and recognition of Pencak Silat on both national and international levels.

Our event is designed to play a role in preserving and passing on traditional techniques, forms, and values to the next generation. We are confident that your endorsement would add significant credibility and support to our initiative.

The main objectives of our event:

  1. Promoting Pencak Silat: Pencak Silat is a traditional martial art and sport that has deep cultural and historical significance in various Southeast Asian countries. One of the primary purposes of organizing a championship is to promote and preserve this martial art form.
  2. Community Engagement: Pencak Silat championships can engage the local community and generate interest in martial arts. They often involve workshops, demonstrations, and outreach programs to encourage community involvement.
  3. International Recognition: Hosting or participating in international Pencak Silat championships can help gain recognition for the sport on a global scale. This can lead to greater opportunities for athletes and the sport's development.

Participation registration has been closed at 30 October 2023.

For more information on the Event, click link below:

Result - Medal tally

Event Schedule - Day 1, Saturday 11 November 2023

Event Schedule - Day 2, Sunday 12 November 2023

Road to Championship - Participant Info Pack

Event - Competition Handbook

Rules & Guidelines

Seniors/Masters rule set NPSC2023

Participation fee is chargeable at :

  • Under 18 years old: AU $ 50 per person.
  • Above 18 years old: AU $ 60 per person.
  • Late participation fee (after 30 October 2023): AU $ 100.

Bank Detail for participation payment:

  • Account Name: APSF
  • BSB: 063166
  • Account number: 10218462

Please send your payment confirmation to :

APSF National championship 2023 senior technique video

Come & Join!

We are open for donation (via Gofundme) to support our National Championship event, click HERE

Thank you very much for your help and support - Salam Pencak Silat!

Pre Event Press Conference (21 October 2023) - 10th National Pencak Silat Championship 2023

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