Australian Pencak Silat Federation

Seni Silat Macan Pasrah

" The silat art of Macan Pasrah is an amulgation of 12 West Javan silat styles uniquely crafted by Kyai Raden Haji Mohd Nor, who reigned from the city of Banten. "



The Art was formed over several years of voyage in search for the best Silat styles around the provinces of West Java. Kyai Raden Mohd Noor only chosed what he had benefited from genuine duels with Silat masters as well as personal spiritual experiences. Upon the Art's completion in 1928, it was kept hidden for many years to only a selected few.

In the year 1973, the Art was passed on to Hamzah Bin Kassim, who is the current Master of this art. He seek knowledge deep in the remote and forested village of Batu Pahat, Johore, Malaysia, after one day witnessing a phenominal Silat display during a sacred event by Kyai's foster son name Sidon Bin Kasan.

After several years, Hamzah Bin Kassim henceforth became an accomplished and respected tigerstyle Silat master in Singapore under the establishment of Perguruan Seni Silat Macan Pasrah. In 1982, he gained the honourary title of "Pendekar Macan", during a pretigious Pencak Silat event.

Now, along with about 4 other perguruans in Singapore, amongst others like Pukulan Liyan, Cekak Serantau etc, Perguruan Seni Silat Macan Pasrah have formed Macan Association under the leadership of Mr Sumarleki Amjah who is the current President of Macan Association.

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