Australian Pencak Silat Federation

SILAT SENI GAYONG (Malay Arts of Self-Defense)



  • GA – Genggam (Hold tight – meant for promises)
  • Alif – Angkat (Lift up – spiritually, boost up moral)
  • Ya – Yakin (Confident – able)
  • Wau – Waras (Consescious/alert – think straight)
  • Nge – Ngeri (Horrified, daring – dare to challenge)

Grand Master of Silat Seni Gayong

Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman Uda Mohd Hashim

Based on the background & history of Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman Bin Uda Mohd Hashim (Grandmaster of Silat Seni Gayong - SSG), that this martial arts is belong to his grandfather name Sheikh Syed Zainal Bin Sheikh Syed Idris Al-Attas who also known as Datuk Panglima Hitam, the great grandson of Tengku Daeng Kuning that was descendant of Daeng Merewah, the King of Bugis and hero from Makassar. During his travels, he made is way from Makassar to Perak, Malaya in 1813. He had long since passed away, and was buried in Air Kuning, Perak.

As for SSG Grandmaster, his grandfather taught him Silat when he was only 13 years old. At 16, he was proclaimed the “Orang Kuat Perak” or “Sendo Perak” (a nobleman by Malay standards) and became adopted son of the then Sultan of Perak. Sadly, to say that our Grandmaster passed away in 1991

Silat Seni Gayong Pasak Singapura (SSGPS)

Haji Hussain Bin Kaslan

In 1947, Dato’ Meor decided to return to Singapore from Pulau Sudong. He started setting up his Silat School and was very successful. Due to some trademark issues, name of the Silat School was changed to “Perkumpulan Anak-Anak Sandiwara Angkatan Kesenian” (Singapore Youth Society of Dramatic Culture) or PASAK Singapura for short.

In 1966, Dato Meor left Singapore for his homeland; Perak. Before he left, he acknowledged one of his first students, Hussain Bin Kaslan, as his sole representative and Chief Instructor of Silat Seni Gayong in Singapore. Dato’ Meor’s Silat style in Singapore was legitimized as Silat Seni Gayong (PASAK) Singapura to avoid any confusion.

After Dato’ meor departure to Perak, under the Chief Instructor of SSGPS, Hussain Kaslan, been widely accepted as one of the few pioneers of the Silat community and become one of the most respected, and probably the largest Silat School during that time. It is sad that Chief Instructor Hussain Bin Kaslan passed away in 2011.

Gayong Anak Harimau Australia (GAHA) - SA, WA, VIC

Abdul Razak Osman

Abdul Razak Osman started doing Silat since he was 10 years old. He undertook training with Chief Instructor Hussain Bin Kaslan and Imam Gelanggang Mohd Noor Hashim. He has completed his Silat Gurulatih Course in 1998. And because of it’s grading system he been blessed with a good deal of knowledge in Silat fighting technic in competition sparring and even the use of weapons. He also been appointed Imam Gelanggang for 2 gelanggang. Under his instruction his gelanggang won championships for 5 years in 2001 to 2005 before he migrated to Adelaide, South Australia.

He is a Singapore National Champion in Tanding Category Class ‘A’ for 10 years before retiring competitively. Abdul Razak Osman represented Singapore in several International Games which include ChunJu World Martial Arts festival, Sea Games, World Championship with Silver medals, Bronze and a few awards for his collection. He also a National Boxing Champion in 1988 and 1989 before focusing into silat.

In 2007, along with his good friend Mohammad Zulkifli Ahmad, they set up Gelanggang Gayong Anak Harimau Australia (GAHA) which has been acknowledged by SSGPS. Mohammad Zulkifli Ahmad is also from SSGPS and started training Silat since 1995 and is currently a Jurulatih in Victoria. They are both founding members of APSF that was set up in 2010. Abdul Razak Osman then move to Perth in 2012 due to work commitment and has set up a Gayong Anak Harimau branch in Perth.

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