Australian Pencak Silat Federation

Domas Art of Self Defence Australia (AOSA)

" Mind Body Emotion Energy in one direction "


Pencak Silat DOMAS AOSA
Bring to gather in 1978 in Melbourne, by Les Tayu Irawan.




DOMAS teaching is simplicity is to live in fullness and be sensitive to surrounding, right now and there is no other time only now

About Les

Les learned Pencak Silat Domas style from RM Tiyo Sutarya in Bandung, West Java.

RM Tiyo Sutarya

DOMAS AOSA Pencak Silat is derived from 5 regions, the name of the villages are, Cimande, Cikalong, Cisera, Cikaret and Syahbandar.

Raden Sabdo Mulyo

Les also study Elang Pencak Silat and kebatinan from Raden Sabdo Mulyo in Salatiga, Central java nearby Mount Merbabu, he is also gain knowledge of kebatinan, guide by Pak Soemardi from Solo.

Pak Soemardi

Les learned the Gendang Pencak from Mentor Koswara Suriatmadja.

Koswara Suriatmadja

Les was born in 1954, from the time when he was the age of 5 years old, he practising the art of self-defense, Judo, Jiu Jit Sue, Wrestling and Kuntao, taught by his uncle Professor Battling Ong 7 Dan Judo and his father.

Professor Battling Ong

Les bring about the understanding of the way of self-defence and kebatinan, based on his library in the art of self-defence, taught by all mentors mention as above and also self-learn by absorbing from all aspect of life in the way of living.

Les as from 2010 is the President of Pencak Silat Federation; his motives are to introduce the traditional of Pencak Silat and supporting the sport of Pencak Silat as an awareness of Pencak Silat to the other nations.

There are now three schools (perguruan) from DOMAS AOSA in Melbourne that is Domas Zero Point (David Bachsinar), Domas Semeru (Dougs Hoi), and Domas Elang (Mickel Honiger).

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